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Dry July - are the right people even doing it?

#DryJuly - are the right people even doing it? #blog #blogging

Today marks the day many will commence their undertaking of ‘Dry July‘. They commit to saying “No” to alcohol for 31 days. Everyone has their different motives. Some people do it to genuinely support the cause while others just want to give their livers a break but aren’t brave enough (more…)

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Mondays don’t suck, your whining does

'Mondays don't suck, your whining does' #blog #blogging #socialmedia

I cannot begin to explain how sick and tired I am of listening to people’s shit, especially on social media, whining about how hard their life is and what not. Wake up and smell the coffee! By nature, a day of the week literally can’t suck so (more…)

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Anti-whaling, not anti-shark culling…

Anti-whaling, not anti-shark culling…


It’s certainly a great win but what still remains unknown is if Japan will adhere to this ruling. Will they stop the slaughter? I know Sea Shepherd will not be deterred, they’ll continue the good fight and will ensure the Japanese are exposed (and stopped) if they dare continue their barbaric, illegal activities.

Originally posted on The Psychology of Me:

So recently the Australian…

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Trends in Video + Social

Trends in Video + Social


This was a really interesting event, really glad I made it. Besides all the great learnings and top notch presentations, the networking was invaluable. Certainly a huge amount of opportunity with video and social but a lot of considerations to take into account to optimise potential.

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video + social

Yesterday I attended  XMediaLab’s ‘Video + Social’…

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the dog in my life, my best furry friend

I wrote about ‘the dog in my life, my best furry friend’ on my #blog today. #Frenchie #FrenchBulldog

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram (@pee_daddy) you will have seen a few snaps of my best furry friend, Norm. He’s the first small dog I’ve owned (normally I have 50kg+ dogs) and I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy a small dog as much, but he’s certainly proven me wrong.

As much as I always have and still do love big dogs, after having my beautiful twin daughters my partner and I decided we…

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I have a problem with alcohol

Read why ‘I have a problem with #alcohol’ in my latest #blog post #blogging

Taking ownership and admission is the first step, right?

Good! I have a real problem with the way alcohol is glorified and abused in our culture. (more…)

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selling yourself

Are you ‘selling yourself’ or just reciting a #ales pitch about a product you don’t even believe in? #blog

Have you ever tried selling something? How did you go? How did you approach it?

If you were selling a mobile phone it’s likely you told your customer all about the great features, it’s popularity and the great price you can do for them. Even after you did all that, did you manage to sell the phone? I’d say you probably didn’t and if you did it’s probably because the customer already knew what…

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'tat too or not tat too…that is the question' Have you got #ink? Why? Why not? #tattoo #blogView Post

'tat too or not tat too…that is the question' Have you got #ink? Why? Why not? #tattoo #blog

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